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Your website is an extension of your business and the easiest way for your customers to access your company. Within seconds after arriving on your website your new potential clients will form their first impressions about the credibility of your company, the quality of your products and services,  and your ability to help them solve their problems.

Different Dimensions offers creative custom designed websites with SEO in mind, that fits your brand’s specific business needs with the focus on client retention and conversion. Our premium WordPress websites are mobile-friendly with responsive design to ensure it looks great on any device and are structured for blazing load speed, fast indexing by the search engines and optimum user experience.

To make sure we can help your company at the highest level possible, we need a little bit of information about your project. Every time we build a new website, we put our reputation at stake, and for the best chance of success, we require you to fill out this form as detailed as possible.

As much as we would love to help every business who seeks our expertise,we simply would be taking on too much work and would not be able to deliver. In order to keep up our high standards, we limit the number of clients we work with at any given time. This allows us to provide each client with maximum attention to detail and ensure maximum results and ultimately success for your business.

We are happy to work with clients that have:

1. An active and healthy business that is up and running

2. a steady flow of leads, customers and making sales already

3. good, solid products or services and a good reputation within their industry

In addition, we will not work with adult themed material, get rich quick schemes, or any business with harmful or malicious intent that contradicts our beliefs and core values.

Please understand that our WordPress Website Design services are exclusive to businesses who meet a reasonable set of criteria before we can proceed. We carefully select the clients we work with and unfortunately we may have to decline your request based upon the above criteria.

If you qualify please please start by filling the form below, and don’t worry, it’s simple. We only need to learn more about your brand, the service(s) or product(s) you’re selling, and an idea of what you wish to achieve, etc. We will then review your answers and send you a customized proposal. Make sure to block about 30 minutes to fill out this form, the more effort you put into this, the more you will gain from this project! This might as well be the best 30 minutes spend on your business – ever!


Step 1/4 - Tell us all we need to know about your company

Step 2/4 - Tell us all we need to know to make your website a success!

Step 3/4 - Tell us more about the look and feel of your new website!

Step 4/4 - What will happen once we launch your Website?


Company Contact information (This is the contact information we will put on your website)

Your Full Business name

Your company address (Location Address to Display on the Website)

City or Town

Postal Code


Company Phone number (Phone Number to Display on the Website)

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Contact Person For This Project

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Your Position within the company

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Please list all the decision makers for this project

Tell us about your business

Give us a brief history of your company. When did you start, who was the founder, major milestones, etc...

What Does Your Company Do? What are the products and/or services you offer?

What makes your company unique or different from your competitors? What's Your unique selling proposition?What is your main marketing message to prospects?

What are your Top 3 competitors and what is it they do you like about them? Listing your competitors serves three functions: 1. We can see what other people are doing and perhaps borrow from their most appealing website features 2. We can find opportunities to improve on what the market already offers 3. And we can ensure your new website design is distinct from the competition.

What are your ideal or typical customer groups or segment(s)?Try and provide a basic profile of your existing typical customer groups (e.g. ​demographics​ – age, sex,marital status, education, income, etc; ​geographics​ – location of the customer; ​psychographics​ –attitudes, values, lifestyles, and opinions).

WHat is your average customer lifetime value?

what are the three most common questions your prospects or customers ask about your products and/or services?

What are the 3 top questions prospects or customers SHOULD ask you regarding your product/service, but don't?

YOUR CURRENT WEBSITE (if not applicable, please move on to the next section)

If you already have a website, please provide the URL of your current website

Is your current website built using a multi-user Content Management System such as Drupal or Wordpress, or is it a traditional HTML/CSS-based website? Please provide us with as much details as possible

How many pages does your existing website include?

Is Google Analytics set up on your site?

Do you have a Facebook pixel installed on your site?

Are you currently using Customer Relationship Management software (CRM)?

If you use a CRM, please let us know which system you are using for your business.

What are the biggest pain points of your current website? Example: not able to update content, not user friendly, outdated 90's look, pages and links are broken, lack of conversions, not mobile friendly etc.

What content/functionality has been successfulon the current website? Why is it considered successful?

What content or functionality has not been successfulon the current website? Why is it considered unsuccessful?


Give us at least 3 reasons why you want a new website

Any other reasons why you want a new website

Which one of these reasons is the most important? and why?

Why else?

What are the TOP 5 business needs or objectives you want to achieve with your new website? Example Collect more emails; Increase the number of enquiries via website; Increase online sales; Increase the number of phone enquiries.

Which of these 5 objectives are the most important and why?

Why Else?

How many total pages do you estimate for your new website?

Please Enter Your New Website Page Titles Here is where you can enter the various page titles for the pages in your site. So if you put 5 pages in the field above, here in this section please enter what those 5 page titles are.

Please give us your main product and/or service categories. Example: houses for sale, houses for rent, appartments for sale, appartements for sale,etc...


Is Your Company active on social media? Why? or Why Not? What is it you try to achieve and how?

Your Facebook Page URL

Your LinkedIn Profile URL

Your Twitter Profile URL

Your Pinterest Profile URL

Your Instagram Profile URL

Any Other Social Media Profile URL


Does Your Company Have a Logo / Established Image & Branding Guidelines ( Fonts, Colour Schemes, etc..)

Do You Have Print Materials (Such As Business Cards Or Brochures) That We Need To Match?

Please list at least 3 websites of which you like the design, look and feel. Next to each website listed, please describe the sections that appeal to you.

Please also list at least 3 websites you DON'T LIKE! and Why?

Which of the following pages would you like on your new website?

Any other pages you can think of?


Which Features would you like on your website?

Did we forget anything? Please list any other features/functionality for your new website.

Do you have other systems that your new website will need to work with? These may include accounting software, Customer Relationship Management tools (CRMs), Payment gateways, Mailing software like Mailchimp, etc.

What can we learn from your competitors? What are they doing on their website that you think is working?


Do you already have written content you want to use on your new website (please tick all that applies)

Who will be adding content in the future?


Depending on your tastes, we often design websites rich in imagery. How would you like to proceed with images for your new website? Tick all the boxes that apply.

The images you have, are they optimized for the web?

Besides Adult Themed Content,Is there any type of imagery you don't want on your website?

Would you like to have downloadable files like catalogues or E-Books on your website? If so, please upload them here


Do you have any videos you want to include on your website?

If Yes, what kind of videos do you already have?

If no, what kind of videos would you like to create for your website?


Have we missed something? If you have other information you would like to share about your new website, please fill in your details below.

If there's anything you like to show us, feel free to send us examples, files or images here:


When would you like to start this project?

What is the required launch date?

Who will be responsable for website maintenance?

How often will you require updates?

Who will handle your Search Engine Optimization?

What is your budget for this project?

Is there anything else you want to tell us? Anything else we should know about so we can help you to make this project a success?


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