#1 Premium Local SEO Company on the French Riviera! Attract more business from relevant local searches and be the first option for your local customers!

We Focus on Local Businesses and Customers within your own Area.


Like every SEO Campaign, Local SEO starts with an in-depth analysis of your local business’s website. We check your current online presence, your competition and your local customers needs.

This helps us to better understand where we can help you to improve your search performance and your online visibility.

Based on this research we identify the strengths and weaknesses of both your business and your competitors.

This information allows us to build the right Local SEO strategy to meet your customers’ search intent and to conquer your local markets!


LOCAL SEO Local SEO competitor analysis


of all searches on Google are seeking local information.


of people searches online to find a local business


of local business searches on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours


of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps


of searchers will pick businesses on the first page of local search results.


of local clients trust reviews.


Dominate Local Search!


Long gone are the days that people used to search for products and services in the yellow pages. Most people today use Google or other Search Engines to find the best possible provider for their particular needs. They’re used to online search for goods, services or the most accurate information on any topic related to your business.

Through a thorough keyword analysis and profound understanding of your potential local customer’s search intent and buyers journey, we understand exactly what the customer is looking for and how.

This allows our Local SEO experts to create a comprehensive, step-by-step action plan to target your local audience and increase website traffic and conversions from your service area and even the surrounding areas.



  Attract More Local Customers To Your Local Business.




We analyse local search intent in order to implement the best local keyword strategy for your products and services


The SEO process is on-going; we are constantly reviewing current processes to make positive improvements.



Our team creates customized local landing pages and geographical relevant content to attract local customers to your business.


Our specialists help you to optimize your Google My business account and list your business in the most relevant local directories for your field of expertise. We ensure your online citations are accurate all over the internet and you’ll be found in Googles Local Pack!


Our Local SEO specialists make sure Google knows about your company and your customers easily finds the route to your business location, whether they’re on a desktop computer or on a mobile device. We literally put your business on the map!


Our Online Marketing Specialists help you to increase website traffic and brand confidence by getting more positive reviews on your company and responding in a positive way to possible negative reviews in order to keep your online reputation as clean as possible!


We Put your business on the map.


This isn’t just a bold statement, it’s a necessity for your business to be found on the map by your potential customers.

Most local buyers and traveling customers rely on Google maps or similar online services to find companies that offer goods and services that satisfy their needs.

Our Local SEO Team makes sure that, when your potential customers search for your products and services in your local area, your business stands out on the map.

This helps people plan their route and makes you easy-to-reach by customers on-the-go using their mobile phones for quick and easy searches right before buying.


LOCAL SEO meet local search intent

Customize Local Landing Pages to Meet Local Search Intent

Our Local SEO team creates customized content and landing pages for your local audiences that allows your customers to find you as easily as possible.

We use laser-focused keywords and local search terms to captivate search traffic from all surrounding areas to your website.

We implement the right website structure in order to give you an overview of where your customers are calling from and where you should improve your local search performance.

Our Local SEO experts provide you with high-quality and unique content relative to each area you wish to serve to help you to become an authority in your Local Market.


LOCAL SEO local pages search intent
LOCAL SEO local landing pages


They must be doing something right that you should be doing better!

Before we start our Local SEO Campaign, we want to know what we are up against by conducting a powerful Local Competitors Analysis.

We track your top competitor’s online presence and turn their websites inside out to figure out where they’re doing a good job with Local SEO and where their weaknesses lay.

This way we know how we can do better in order to outrank them on the first page of the search results and to get your company on top!

We go that extra mile just to reach your Local SEO goals!



Stand Out On Google… For Free! (The Actual Google Slogan!)

One of the first and most important steps Our Local SEO Team takes to create more visibility for your website using Local SEO is creating a Google My Business Account.

This drastically increases your chances of showing up in Google’s Local Pack (known as the Google Snack Pack), Local Finder, Google Maps, and ups your overall organic rankings.

We help your Customers easily find your address, phone number, opening hours and a lot of other essential information about your company like your website and online reviews!

We use Google My Business to add small posts to your listings that can serve as a free advertisement and we can even add booking buttons and text messaging to really make you stand out of your competition!


LOCAL SEO Local SEO Google My Business


Consistency is king in the land of the world wide web!


Local Business Citations can have either a positive or negative impact on local search engine rankings and customer behavior.

Our Local SEO Team makes sure that your business is listed accurately all over the internet in order to make the search engines trust your business data and direct your customers in the right direction.

By providing accurate contact information consistently all over the web, we make the search engines trust the validity of your company data and we increase your company’s chance of ranking well locally.

Better rankings and the right contact information will help your customers discover your business, which will result in more traffic to your website, more direct phone calls and eventually more valuable leads converting into paying customers!


Take Control Over Your Online Business Reviews!

Online Business Reviews can literally make or brake a business, because in most cases it’s an honest opinion from real customers and people who had real life experience with your brand.

Whether this experience  was good or bad, people tend to give a passionate, personal opinion about your company and the message spreads like wildfire over the internet.

This being said, we can take significant action to contribute and even influence to building a positive reputation for your business thanks to positive business reviews and proper management of negative comments.

The Different Dimensions Team is absolutely awesome! They’ve helped us from zero web traffic and complete obscurity to high visibility and a constant stream of super relevant high-value leads coming to our website!

We tripled our annual revenue within the first year and we gained a lot more insight into our own business and it’s online potential!

They helped us to become a renown brand with a solid reputation within our industry and it allowed us to hire 10 new staff members!

Finally, I’m able to take more time off with my wife and children! Thank you so much!


CEO, The Best Company In The world!


Keep track of the metrics that matter!


As we’re targeting different local markets and different audiences around your area, we measure exactly where your customers’ traffic is coming from.

The gathered data gives us a clear view of the performance of our Local SEO strategy in place, which efforts are producing the most organic leads and which keywords convert the best.

This helps us to understand where we need to increase our SEO efforts and adapt our strategy in order to tap into your full online potential.

It will also give you a deeper insight into the way your brand communication needs to evolve to attract your local audience and meet local requirements.


At Different Dimensions we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to SEO, so we can’t give you a flat rate for our SEO packages.

We adapt our SEO plans to the size of your website, the different dimensions of your specific business needs and relative to the efforts required to achieve your ultimate SEO Results.

Every SEO Campaign starts with an initial discovery of your business and an in-depth SEO Audit to understand the scope of work ahead and create an appropriate roadmap to SEO success.

We usually see movement in ranking between 1 to 3 months and get you up to cruise speed between 6-12 months,depending on the competitiveness of the industry and the aggressiveness of the SEO Campaign you’re investing in.



Great! We’re happy you understand the value of good Local SEO! We’re looking forward to work with you!

Once you contact us, our Local SEO Team will reach out to you as soon as humanly possible to schedule our first call or in-person meeting.


We’ll have a friendly open conversation full of good questions about your company so we can get to know your business, your objectives and understand where you want us to take your business in the long run.

Beware, we do ask a lot of questions!!!


Next step, we will conduct an in-depth website and competitor analysis, as well as focused local keyword research.

Our Local SEO team will make sure get to know your area better than you do in order to create the best possible content strategy for your website.


Finally, we develop a custom Local SEO strategy for your specific business needs and for your local market.

We will go wide and deep to blow your competition out of the water and to establish long term SEO success for your business!








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