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As far back as the first civilizations, people have been manipulating their gardens for both practical and esthetical reasons.

Modern landscaping aims to find the perfect harmony between the available terrain, plants, and materials being used, the natural elements and the usage of the garden.

Landscaping requires advanced planning, proper preparation of the terrain, state of the art construction and a long term plan for growth to come to the required result.

Our Landscaping SEO Strategies follow the same philosophy to increase your online visibility and attract more and better clients to your website in order to generate more revenue for your landscaping business.

We make sure when people search online for local landscaping architects, designers or contractors in your service area and your landscaping specialties, they find you before they find your competition.



Make your Landscaping Website Easy To Find!

Understand your client’s buyers journey!

Most people dream about a big house with a big garden. Once they finally realize that dream, they want to enhance the appearance of their property and create the perfect environment for their family’s outdoor activities.

Very soon they’ll discover that transforming a big garden requires a lot of technical skills and in-depth knowledge about the terrain, the plant and the materials in order to achieve the desired result.

The ones that already have their dream garden find out soon enough it demands a lot of maintenance and planning ahead.

Unless they have exceptional landscaping skills and the necessary materials available, they will reach out to a landscaping professional to fulfill all of these services, whether it’s a specialized architect, an outdoor designer or a contractor.

These potential clients will search for the specific services they require in their (often new) area and they’ll trust Google or any other search engine to come up with the best possible service provider.

Our Landscaping SEO Experts understand the pain points and the desires of your customers, which allows us to target the most relevant clients further down in their buyer’s journey.

Through extensive keyword research, local competitor analysis and profound industry knowledge, we identify the best keywords and keyword phrases for your local industry.

We use the gathered data to build a highly effective SEO and Content strategy and bring you right in front of that potential customer.

We ensure to make every visible element on your website 100% search engine friendly and fully optimized to improve the load speed of your website.


Structure Your Website Like An All-Year Fruit Garden

The Landscaping Industry has lots of different services to offer due to its creative nature, technical requirements and services typical to each season. Between the general landscaping services and the more specialized trades like aquascaping, naturescaping and ecoscaping, there’s a world of difference and for non-initiated visitors, it can get very confusing very quickly to find the right service needed.

As a Landscaping business, you typically orient your different services around hardscaping, softscaping and general maintenance. Most offers will depend on multiple variables demanded by your clients like the type of terrain they’ll transform, the type of plants and trees they’ll be planting, the specific materials they’ll use to limit the terrain, what type of decoration they will choose and the different structures they want to build.

Our SEO Team helps you to build the right website structure in a logical manner that allows the user to easily navigate your website in the smallest number of clicks as possible.We make sure to lay out the different services in the right service categories and provide the visitor with the most relevant information on each topic.

In order to serve the largest number of internet users, we optimize your website for all devices, with a little extra attention to mobile search and website load speed!

As our main goal is attracting more and better clients and converting them into paying customers, We focus on getting your clients to take action as often as possible and get your phone ringing!

More incoming calls and demands for quotes means a higher chance of converting new leads into paying and returning customers which will eventually lead to more revenue for your business!


Educate your clients and over-deliver from day one!

The search engines are very clear about the way they work, they want to provide the most relevant and most persistent information to their users as possible, hence so should you!

Thanks to the wide variety of services within and around the landscaping industry, we can almost offer unlimited high-quality images and content in order to inform and educate your customers.

By understanding the direct and indirect correlation between the different professions and services within Landscaping, Real Estate and Home Building, our knowledgeable SEO Team helps you provide high-quality content that demonstrates your mastery in your field of expertise and far beyond.

By dominating your own topic and services, other relevant websites within and around the Landscaping Space will start to link to your content.

Not only will this help you rank higher in the search results and make you become a thought leader within your specific niche, you’ll also be perceived as an authoritative website within the whole Landscaping ecosystem.


Online Reviews Are Word Of Mouth 2.0!

The Landscaping Industry seems to get more and more competitive because it’s a very lucrative niche and the threshold is low. On one hand it are interesting times for homeowners as they have a lot more options to chose from and they can leverage the market to obtain lower prices.

On the other hand, the playing field is open for anyone with a lawnmower or a bulldozer to auto -proclaim himself as landscaper. You as an experienced professional shouldn’t be competing on price levels, you should stand out because of the quality of your services.

After our Skillful SEO Team optimizes your entire website and build out it’s legendary Content SEO Battle plan, they will help you to harvest more positive reviews about your business.

The combination of a beautiful, well structured and informative landscaping website with tons of valuable customer reviews will easily convince your potential customers to choose your company above your competitors.

With more customer engagement and positive reviews you will give the search engines a signal that your website is trustworthy and a great resource for Landscaping related topics, which in return will result in a positive ranking boost and higher visibility in the search results.


At Different Dimensions, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to SEO, so we can’t give you a flat rate for our SEO packages.

We adapt our SEO plans to the size of your website, the different dimensions of your specific business needs and relative to the efforts required to achieve your ultimate SEO Results.

Every SEO Campaign starts with an initial discovery of your business and an in-depth SEO Audit to understand the scope of work ahead and create an appropriate roadmap to SEO success.

We usually see movement in ranking between 1 to 3 months and get you up to cruise speed between 6-12 months, depending on the competitiveness of the industry and the aggressiveness of the SEO Campaign you’re investing in.


We offer Tailor-made, cost-effective and long-term SEO strategies that increase your rankings and attract more traffic to your website. More traffic means more visibility.

More visibility means more customers. More customers…you get the point!


Through extensive on-page and off-page optimization, diversified back-link generation and outreach to other authoritative websites, we help your brand to become a thought leader in your industry.

This allows you to expand your online reach and capture a bigger audience.

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