Specialized SEO Services For Your Construction Company!

Construction companies worldwide are struggling with a bad reputation because of a lot of sketchy companies and bad practices. Not only your potential clients are suspicious, but also the search engines are trying to separate the good from the bad companies.

The more professional and transparent your construction company appears, both in the real world and online, the more likely your future customers will trust your services and hire you instead of your competition.

With our professional Construction SEO campaigns we will help you to gain more online visibility, communicate your companies core values and attract more relevant customers to your construction website.

This will result in more converting visitors to your website, more construction jobs and eventually more revenue for your construction business.



Everything you build starts off with a solid foundation, so should your website!

Building a house, an industrial building or a bridge literally stands or falls with a solid, well-planned and well-executed foundation.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your project design might be, how luxurious the finishing on your houses may be or how extraordinary the shape of your building is.

If the groundwork and the foundation don’t support the rest of the structure, the project wont last in the long run and it will fall down. The same applies to your construction company’s website.

The quality of your website often reflects the quality of your services and will determine in a blink of an eye how you are perceived by your potential new customers.

Your website structure should make it obvious for the search engines to find out what your website is all about and for the user it has to be clean, simple to understand and easy to navigate.

Our SEO team specialized in construction companies will help you to define and implement the most effective SEO strategies to optimize your website for search following the latest industry standards and procedures.

This process starts with an extensive website audit and clean up before we move on to determine the right foundation for your project.


Bring your construction company right in front of your customers

For most people and companies, building a house or a new project represents a large budget and needs a lot of preparation.

They’ll need to get the right permits, find the right architect, decide on the materials to use and eventually make a decision on who’s going to build it for them.

They will try to get recommendations from friends, family and colleagues first, but in this day and age eventually they will go online to find the right fit for their needs or to confirm their choices.

Depending on where they are in their buyer’s journey, your potential will use certain keywords to find what they are looking for and pick out the best possible source of information presented to them by the search engines.

Our experienced Construction SEO experts will conduct a thorough keyword and competitor analysis specific to your industry in order to determine the right keyword strategy and get more visibility in the search engines.

We will help you to catch your potential clients early on in their construction process by focusing on their buyer’s intent and by optimizing every visible piece of content on your website for conversion.

This will help your company to show up in the most related search results and allow you to convert more relevant high-quality leads into paying customers.



Build trust and brand recognition by providing value to your customers!

The more valuable information your business provides to solve your customer’s problems, the more they will trust your brand and the more comfortable they will be to work with you instead of a competitor.

Most of your potential customers don’t have a clue when it comes to building a house or a new storage building and they count on your expertise to make their project a success, the same way you will rely on our expertise to get your message across to your customer and to gain more online visibility for your business.

Thanks to years of experience within the construction industry, we understand your customer’s buyers journey, we know what they are struggling with and how to solve their problems.

The combination of in-depth industry knowledge and hand-picked keyword research will allow us to produce highly informative and educational content that will captivate your audience and help your company to be perceived as the go-to solution in your target area.

This high quality content will be shared and appreciated in your local community and your construction business will become the obvious choice, which will result in more work and more revenue for your company and a solid brand name in the long term.



Local search success starts with Google My Business!

Unless you’re a national company with multiple locations around the nation or even around the globe, most construction companies work in a designated area around their business location.

When people search for your services, the search engines will provide the most relevant information to your customer relevant to what he is looking for,where he is searching from and/or the area he is targeting.

Because Google is by far (90% of all search) the biggest search engine today, it’s imperative for your business to create and optimize a Google My Business account in order to highly increase your chances to gain more visibility in the local search results.

Google My Business literally puts your business on the map and it allows you to show up in Google’s Local 3-pack, on Google maps and related map providers. It will also give Google a strong signal that your company is legit and trustworthy which will give you a boost in the overall search engine rankings.

We help you to optimize your Google My Business account, along with your citations in the most important online  directories. This makes it easy for your customers to find your contact details like your address, your website, your best phone number, opening hours and all the other essential information about your business.

Because Google checks to make sure your company’s information is consistent all over the internet, we conduct a thorough citation analysis and correct your details where necessary.

This will give Google a clear signal that your company is an established brand and that your website can be trusted.


Word of mouth is alive and kicking on the internet!

When you want your future customers to trust you, just telling them how good you are isn’t enough.

Even though you’ll provide your website visitors with the most valuable information on the internet, they will want to make sure they can trust you with their hard earned money and that your company will make their project an absolute winner!

Especially in the world of construction and contractors, people tend to be a lot more suspicious when it comes to hiring a company.

This is due to a lot of negative previous experiences with sketchy construction companies who under deliver, who don’t fulfill their contracts or just simply go bankrupt, close their business and disappear with their clients money.

Given the size of the budgets involved, the potential buyer will do a lot more research online on your company then they would to buy some shoes.

They will try to find honest reviews on your business to assure themselves they are making the right choice before they will decide in your favor.

The more positive reviews you can get from your previous customers, the more new customers will be at ease to work with you, because they trust other people who worked with you in the past more than anything you can put on your website. The more negative or fake reviews however…

Our Construction SEO Team will help you to get more positive reviews by making it easy for your customers to review your services in a positive way.

We will take significant action to clean up your online business reputation, get rid of possible past penalties and deal with any negativity through easy follow up methods and positive action.




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At Different Dimensions we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to SEO, so we can’t give you a flat rate for our SEO packages.

We adapt our SEO plans to the size of your website, the different dimensions of your specific business needs and relative to the efforts required to achieve your ultimate SEO Results.

Every SEO Campaign starts with an initial discovery of your business and an in-depth SEO Audit to understand the scope of work ahead and create an appropriate roadmap to SEO success.

We usually see movement in ranking between 1 to 3 months and get you up to cruise speed between 6-12 months,depending on the competitiveness of the industry and the aggressiveness of the SEO Campaign you’re investing in.


We offer Tailor-made, cost-effective and long-term SEO strategies that increase your rankings and attract more traffic to your website. More traffic means more visibility.

More visibility means more customers. More customers…you get the point!


Through extensive on-page and off-page optimization, diversified back-link generation and outreach to other authoritative websites, we help your brand to become a thought leader in your industry.

This allows you to expand your online reach and capture a bigger audience.

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