Specialized SEO services for B2B Companies

The fundamentals of search engine optimization for B2B companies are pretty much the same as for any other website out there.

The biggest differences in marketing between B2B and B2C can be found in the size of the target market, the complexity of the products and services and the internal buying process. Also the allocated budgets ,the number and the specific influence of each decision maker involved strongly influence the approach of the campaign.

In order to get in front of your B2B customers, you’ll have to adapt to the longer buying process, embrace the professional jargon of the industry you’re targeting and take in consideration the complexity and the scale of your target market.

We help you to get a better understanding in the search intent and the buyer’s journey of your B2B customers. We build specialized B2B SEO strategies and laser-focused content to attract your professional audiences in the different stages of their buying process.

This allows you to gain the trust of your customers and build your brand’s authority within and well outside your own industry.



Improve Your Online Visibility and get more converting sales leads!

Into a certain extent, every buy is an emotional buy, but… in the B2B market the sales process tends to be a lot more tedious and rational than in B2C.

Considering the size of the investments, the number of different departments, decision makers and stakeholders involved plus the differences between the internal sales processes and the complexity of products and services, the sales process takes a lot more time.

We keep in mind that the buying decision doesn’t come from a single person and search is performed from different points of view and in different stages.

Therefore the focus of your website should be on providing the right information to your customers, solving their problems and building trust and authority within your industry

Our B2B SEO experts understand the complex challenges of B2B sales and marketing, which allows us to build effective, long-term SEO strategies.

In order to achieve long lasting success, we produce lead generating content and captivate your target audience on different levels and different moments in the entire sales process.

We will help you to make your new customers aware of your company, get familiar with your products and services and stand out above your competition. This will help your customers to take your company into consideration before they make a buying decision.

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What are the decision makers looking for and how can you solve their problems?

It’s not necessarily the buyer or the decision makers that are going to use your products and services. They all have their own responsibilities within their company and they rely on each others expertise to find the right solution for the project.

When they go online to search for your products and services, they do this from their point of view in order to meet the requirements set by their hierarchy within the global scope of the project, so they can make a final decision based on their company’s strategical needs.

All these different buyer personas need to be addressed and satisfied within the content of your website so they can make an informed decision and they can justify the “why” in front of the others. Therefore, you need to provide the right information for everybody involved in the decision making and educate them where needed.

Our B2B SEO specialists have a strong corporate culture and life long experience within the B2B market space. This allows them to put themselves in the place of the CEO as well as of the Financial Director, Mid-Level Management or the Technicians and think and speak like one of them.

Most Corporate Businesses use their own specific Jargon that should be taken into consideration in the way they conduct their online search.

By specifically segmented keyword analysis for every level of involvement, we will build a solid, relevant keyword strategy to get you more online visibility and attract the attention of every member of your customer’s team.



Provide high-quality content, infographics and measurable data!

Since the internet came along, the classic Buyer’s behavior has changed. Before the customer relied on your marketing and your sales team to get to know you and get information about your products and services. Today about 70% of that whole sales process is done in-house before the client even contacts the supplier.

Today customers prefer to conduct their own research on their own terms because they can source information where, when and how they want. They have access to a lot more information readily available and they value reviews and social proof from other clients and users over the claims from the salesperson trying to sell them something.

The final decision of the purchase will rarely be made purely based on the pro’s and con’s of your products and services, your brand name or the price. Even though they’re very important factors, businesses like to rely on data and statistics to support their buying decisions, which they will make even before speaking to your sales people.

In order to anticipate this new buyer’s process, you’ll need to provide more high valuable content to help your customers find you and make well informed and educated decisions. 

Their perception of you being able to help them solve their problems in an effective and professional manner, the report you’ve build with your prospects and the way you manage the professional relationship will eventually help them to make a decision in your favor.

Thanks to our state of the art Keyword Research and highly advanced Content Marketing Strategies, we understand exactly what your customer needs to know.

Our B2B SEO strategies include premium, shareable, informative and educational content catered towards every aspect and every participant of your B2B clients’ buying process and deliver the information in a compelling way.

Over time this will help you to build trust with your customers, get you more online visibility, become an authority in your field of expertise and get more qualifying leads ready to convert into paying and returning customers.

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Follow up your leads based on your own criteria!

Once you start to produce great, unique and in-depth content on your website, you have an active blog which provides amazing tips and how to’s, and maybe even more technical articles and video’s, you need to make sure you’re attracting the right people before you try to convert them into paying customers.

In general, if you did the right keyword research and you understand the way B2B companies are organized, your content will already attract different right types of prospects.

But… sometimes people are interested, but just not ready to buy for many different reasons.

You’ll need to identify whether your website visitor is ready to buy or not, and follow up with the customer accordingly, just like in a real life meeting.

If the client is ready to buy, great! Lead them into your sales process and close.

If the clients are not ready, you’ll need to continue to nurture them and keep the dialogue growing to stay on top of their minds so you’ll become the obvious choice for when they’ll be ready to move forward.

Besides helping your customers to find your company effortlessly through our B2B SEO and content marketing strategies, we will optimize your website for maximum engagement from your customer.

We achieve great results by making it easy for them to take different types of positive action on your website, according to their initial search intent and the content they’re interested in. Every piece of content is directed to a specific part of the sales process and so should be the qualifying process.

By analyzing the data and measuring the impact of our SEO efforts, we can help you with optimizing the qualifying process and get a better insight of your target audience, so you can improve your brand’s communication and the impact on your target market.



Professionals trust professional opinions!

B2B investments usually come with a high cost, well budgeted long term commitments and an important return in investment.

With big responsibilities towards his investors, existing clients, and workforce, potential B2B customers will want to make sure their money is well spent and will want to validate whether your company and your solutions are the right fit or not for their business needs.

Your amazing website content alone won’t do the job for a high sales ticket, a potential Investor will want to get some solid third-party confirmation about your products and services.

They will want to know from others who have first-hand experience going through the purchasing process with your company whether they’ll get exactly what they are looking for and if it’s safe to invest.

Because of the longer sales cycle and the higher costs involved with the implementation, the customer wants to make sure they make the right choice from the get-go in order to avoid a huge waste of time, money and resources.

We help you to collect reviews and testimonials and we will implement them on strategical places on your website to help your visitors get a better idea of what they can expect when working with your company.

Our skilled B2B SEO team will help you structure your data, optimize your Google My Business account, and use the right third-party applications like Trust Pilot and Better Business Bureau.

We help you to collect more positive reviews about your company and make it easy to be found by people showing interest in your products and services.


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At Different Dimensions we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to SEO, so we can’t give you a flat rate for our SEO packages.

We adapt our SEO plans to the size of your website, the different dimensions of your specific business needs and relative to the efforts required to achieve your ultimate SEO Results.

Every SEO Campaign starts with an initial discovery of your business and an in-depth SEO Audit to understand the scope of work ahead and create an appropriate roadmap to SEO success.

We usually see movement in ranking between 1 to 3 months and get you up to cruise speed between 6-12 months,depending on the competitiveness of the industry and the aggressiveness of the SEO Campaign you’re investing in.


We offer Tailor-made, cost-effective and long-term SEO strategies that increase your rankings and attract more traffic to your website. More traffic means more visibility.

More visibility means more customers. More customers…you get the point!


Through extensive on-page and off-page optimization, diversified back-link generation and outreach to other authoritative websites, we help your brand to become a thought leader in your industry.

This allows you to expand your online reach and capture a bigger audience.

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